We Hungry

Them belly full,
but we hungry

The line is from a song by reggae pioneer Bob Marley. He is also recognized as the icon of Rastafari, a religious and social movement that began in Jamaica in 1930, and sought liberation through music. Think differently and act on essential insights to keep enhancing yourself. That is how RIPACE feels, and we expand the horizon of skills fostered by soccer.

No Art, No Soccer

To be exceptional in soccer, one must have not only technique but also a refined sensibility. It is no exaggeration to say that humanity comes first when it comes to performing acquired skills in a truly effective way.

Our Aesthetic

This is why our training scope is wide, and what makes RIPACE so powerful. We take fashion and culture seriously to be distinct as a soccer team, which is the antithesis of inessential die-hardism. We hope that young athletes will learn to play creative soccer with their own rhythm.

Find Your Own Style

RIPACE respects cultures from all over the world. We can better understand ourselves by learning not only its appearance but also its history and ideology. This kind of curiosity will become more important in soccer, as it will in any other field. Soccer, as a global sport, may provide a chance to broaden one's perspective. Even in terms of education, it is a significant sport.

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